Mad Brilliant Is Mine!!!

You have no idea how happy I am right now!  I finally have a copy of the old Ghost of the Robot CD, Mad Brilliant.  How long have I been trying to get it?  Oh yeah, since the band broke up and they stopped selling them, lol.  Five-ish years, and now it's here, on my computer, and I just don't know what to do with myself.  *sigh*

Eight Belles, Michelle Parker, My Nose

It was a tough weekend.  I've got the mother of all head colds.  They're having FFA Week at the school I live across the street from, and it was Drive Your Tractor to School Day.  They're loud, and they played country bumpkin music outside.  I'm not a fan of country music.  Or loud engines.

I personally do not support horse racing, but I'm not gonna preach about it.  Much.  I just want to say rest in peace to Eight Belles, the filly who was euthanized after two compound fractures in her front ankles brought her to the ground after the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  She'd come in second place, only to collapse after she crossed the finish line.  This happens more often than should be ignored, and I hope it moves more people to do something about it.

On Sunday, we lost a very respected and admired news reporter to heart failure.  Michelle Parker had been a journalist and reporter for KCCI News for nearly 30 years, and had recently won an award for her documentary about an Iowan soldier returning home form the war.  My mother was good friends with Michelle, and my heart goes out to everyone who knew her.  We'll miss you, Michelle.


I'm awake, I'm not doing homework, and the thing that's supposed to be helping me make videos is being all lame.  And since I'm in a creative mood, but can't make videos, I'm doing a meme lol.  Don't ask how I segued, because I don't actually know. :P

Basically I'm taking five people/groups of people that have impacted/are impacting my life and "dedicating" a song to that relationship.  No names, but if you really know me, you'll probably be able to figure it out lol.

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Happy birthday to the beautiful, the handsome, the wonderful drkdevin!!! Hope you have an awesome day, and get lots and lots of prezzies! :-D
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Hey everyone. I'm just pimping out the reopened and remastered community, btvsats_manips , for anyone who hasn't heard the good news. It's under new management (the handsome drkdevin ) and is now open to all BtVS/AtS fanart. So, if you've got icons, banners, manips, animations, anything of the sort, go ahead and share it with the rest of us fandom folk over at btvsats_manips :) Can't wait to see what you've got!

A nice, mostly clean, environment for you to enjoy and share your fandom love.

The Most Important Post You'll Ever Read

I've recently noticed that sometimes, when I'm playing Solitaire and I've got all my cards together, just not all up there in the slots and stuff, I'll start a new game because I don't feel like double-clicking all those damn cards just so they'll fall all over the screen again, making a mess over the board I just spent all that time cleaning up.  It's not fair.  I'd rather just say, close enough, new game, than go to all the trouble of actually winning.

I'm not done, yet.  There are two more things I need to say about the game of Solitaire.

1) If you right click, it puts all possible cards up into the thingies at the top, so you save a whole bunch of time.  It might either cost you the game if you do it too much or at the wrong time.  Or it might win you the game when you would have otherwise missed an opportunity to win.  Funny thing, and it's now part of my auto-solitaire movements and decisions.  You play as often as I do, you stop thinking about it.  You just play.

2) When you're emotional and want to dwell, don't play solitaire.  Every time you lose, you have to go to File and click on Deal.  That just makes you a hypocrite because you're clicking deal when you're not really dealing, are you?  Nope, you're dwelling.  Only play solitaire if you want to Deal with your emotions or you'll end up crying because even Solitaire is sick of your whining, making you lose, and telling you to Deal.  It's just not right.
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Guilt Quiz

Got tagged by drkdevin. Other than that, I honestly don't know why I'm doing this...

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Chocolate I live for chocolate. Give me chocolate I won't share, though I know someone who's probably happy about that :-P
Literary: Cheesy High School Romance Novels Doesn't everyone just love a good, simple, naive but oh so sweet story to remind us how love was when we still had faith in it?
Audiovisual: Late Night British Comedies on PBS I always have and still do believe that the British have all the good humor. I mean, it's nothing if not original lol
Musical: Any band you can't put in a genre Yeah, I tend to fall the hardest for a band I can't put in any categories. You know, the ones who when asked their style, they reply "Oh that's simple: country-rock-hip hop-punk-metal with a bit of folk and techno mixed in there somewhere" lol
Celebrity: Snuffleupagus He's just so cute with his huge trunk and the eyelashes and I don't care what you guys think. He's way better than Big Bird.

Now I tag:-

aecflower alwaysjbj efulgence redwulf50 and spuffyangst

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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